At DaVinci Cabinetry, we are a full service design and build firm. This means that we specialize in anything and everything that is kitchen and bath related including cabinetry, countertops, walls, floors, plumbing and electrical. Here are just a few of the services we offer to revamp your bathroom space.

Full Bathroom Remodels

For a full bath remodel we would start with a look at the current design to see if there are changes necessary. Perhaps we would suggest relocating some or all of the fixtures. Or perhaps it would require removing a wall or eliminating a soffit. Even the electrical would be considered when developing a master plan. We would also look at your current flooring, countertops and backsplash and then give you an estimate of what the project might cost.
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Cabinetry Painting

If you are looking just to repaint your existing cabinetry, we would remove all doors and hardware. Then paint the doors and boxes to match, then reinstall with new or existing hardware.

Cabinet Refacing

To reface your bathroom cabinets, Da Vinci Cabinetry would help you select new doors to help you give your bathroom a new and updated look. We would obtain the new doors as well as any end panels that are needed. Once the new doors are installed it might be necessary to trim the boxes to match the new doors. New hardware making the doors “soft close” can be installed at this time. Note that if “soft close” is wanted for the drawers, it would be necessary to replace the entire drawer, not just the face.

Shower, Counters and Floors Tiles

At DaVinci, we can remove all the tile and counters in your current bathroom and install new updated designs that will give your bathroom a whole new look!


Are your fixture looking tired and outdated? We can replace your toilet and sinks to give you a modern fresh look.

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Indications of Whether or Not You Are in Need of a Bathroom Remodel:



If your cabinets are showing signs of age, perhaps flaking or water damage under the sink.


If your bathroom is too small and you would like to capture space from an adjoining room.


If you need to replace fixtures perhaps because they are showing signs of age or perhaps they are not a convenient height. The new elevated toilets (called comfort height) and higher counters makes everyday living much easier.


Perhaps your vintage bathroom just looks old! It’s time to modernize and getting a new bathroom will put a bright new outlook on your daily living!