Cabinet Resurfacing and Repair.

Just what is cabinet resurfacing? That question can be answered in several ways. Most people will interpret resurfacing as changing the surface in some way. So, resurfacing could be as simple as repainting the existing cabinets. It could also be changing the doors or it could be refinishing the wood on the doors to achieve a different look.

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What kitchens are good candidates for resurfacing?

Since your kitchen is well-built and functional, probably there is no reason to tear it apart and start all over. Most structurally sound cabinetry is eligible for cabinet resurfacing. You will generally save up to 25% the cost of a brand new kitchen by just resurfacing your cabinets. If your kitchen is functional and your countertops are in good shape, maybe cabinet resurfacing is the way to go. When you resurface, your boxes and face frames remain intact, and the new surface is applied to them as well as the cabinet doors. The finished product will look like you’ve had new cabinets installed and a fresh new look for your kitchen.