Bathroom Remodeling

Da Vinci Cabinetry Rated one of the best Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling showrooms in the area.

Looking for bathroom remodeling contractors in Bonita Springs, Naples or Fort Myers area? Consider calling us: Da Vinci Cabinetry. We are your local expert on kitchen or bathroom remodeling and design. We make process easy for our customers. There are many issues that may arise during a Bath renovation, and we have found that hiring the right company can minimize issues and make the process go smooth.

Modern Bathroom Remodeling

When renovating a bathroom it is important that you do your homework and investigate the contractors you contact for a quote. Is the contractor willing to work with you on design? Some contractors are used to cookie cutter remodeling projects and have a tough time with the design part of the process. That may be fine for some people looking to do a simple remodel, but remember: not all contractors are created equal and honest.

Competent Bathroom remodeling Contractors

It is also important to find out the competent bathroom remodeling contractor. Bathrooms are an area of your home that if you don’t install complete correctly, you could be paying thousands of dollar in the near future. It is amazing the amount of calls we receive to fix a job that someone installed incorrect. Take a shower pan for example. If this is installed incorrect, it can cause a series of problems. It can cause damaged drywall, warped wood, damaged paint, and mold. Sometimes you will pay more to fix a leak in your shower pan than the whole shower cost.

The Da Vinci Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Showroom.
Consider paying a visit to our showroom. We have intentionally designed our showroom to inspire the imagination and give the customer new ideas. We are located in Bonita Springs off Old 41, just south of Bernwood Rd. We also serve the Naples and Fort Myers areas as well. Give us a call for a free bathroom estimate today at (239) 633-7957. We look forward to being your next bathroom contractor.

Bathroom remodeling by Da Vinci Cabinetry