Kitchen Cabinets and Our Process

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets and Selections

Getting to Know Each Other:

First at all initial consultation is complimentary. Design consultation yet has to be set up in our Showroom where all kitchen cabinets and kitchen materials are handy. This is a great opportunity to make sure our latest kitchen cabinet products and great ideas is a good fit for your project. We asking you to bring all your photos with existing kitchen and thoughts about new project to this highly educational session. Based on all new selections and information we will determine realistic budgets and expectations to ensure everyone is following same path. Open communication is a key to successful project and mutual respect.

contemporary kitchen cabinets

After you visited the Da Vinci Cabinetry showroom, we should be ready to proceed with your kitchen new design and drawings. That is the time when you making first step in to the process.

After we have dimensions with the entire layout we can proceed with the new kitchen design and implement our ideas to make your kitchen more attractive and still keep everything within your budget. We are very excited with a every new customer and project we working on.

contemporary kitchen cabinets

Cabinet Design:

To begin with traditional or contemporary kitchen cabinets design phase, we request a $1300 Design Deposit. That amount will be fully credited to the purchase of your kitchen cabinetry. Upon receipt of the deposit, we will take exact measurements and photographs of your existing space. Your initial $1300 Design Deposit will be reflected in the cabinetry price and will be applied as part of the final cabinetry payment. All the drawings are yours to keep. But the deposits are not refundable once the design process has started.

Within five working days we will be ready review your drawings and apply corrections that you might request.

Estimate and Order :

After cabinet layout and overall style decisions are finalized, we will prepare a detailed estimate for your project. Including the recommended door/drawer style, accessories, moldings, and finish.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.

Something to consider:

Consider invest 15% cabinetry cost of your property value If you replacing existing kitchen with higher end cabinets. This thereby increase your house value with more appealing kitchen design and materials.