How Much Will my Kitchen Remodel end up Really Costing me?

Although the question of “how much will my remodel cost?” is most commonly asked, the answer is one of the most difficult to discern. The price of a remodel is affected by a myriad of different factors such as where you buy your products, what features they include, what brands you select, and how experienced of a craftsman/designer you choose.

According to a survey by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the average kitchen remodel costs $27,000. Keep in mind, that this is the average price which reflects average cabinets in an average sized room. Bathroom prices range from 7,000 upwards when replacing everything.

It isn’t unusual for a kitchen remodel to cost anywhere from 30,000 to a shocking 150,000 and higher. Although unrealistic to some, keep in mind that a new kitchen is a once in a lifetime purchase.  The added resale value also aids in making the expense a little easier to live with.