Our Process

Before you visit our kitchen cabinetry showroom, check out our process below!

DaVinci Cabinetry Our Proces

Step 1:

Visit our beautiful kitchen cabinetry showroom in Bonita Springs or call us/visit our website to schedule a complimentary consultation. At our showrooms, you will be able to:

  • Meet with one of our expert designers
  • Tell us a little about what you want to accomplish with your remodel
  • Look around and narrow down your selection

Make sure you bring photos of your space! That way, our designer will be able to give you an immediate price estimate based on the specifications and dimensions of your space.

DaVinci Cabinetry Our Proces

DaVinci Cabinetry Our Proces

Step 2:

Once we have envisioned your project, our design expert will give you a price estimate.

In order to further commence with the design process, we will ask you to sign our Design Agreement.

DaVinci Cabinetry Our Proces

Step 3:

One of our design experts will visit your project site and obtain measurements so they can commence with turning your vision into a reality.

Step 4:

Finalize details and material selections.

After selections are finalized, we will present you with 3D drawings and a detailed invoice.

DaVinci Cabinetry Our Proces

DaVinci Cabinetry Our Proces

Step 5:

Review and sign our design proposal.

At this time, 50% of the project payment is due.

Step 6:

Once payment is received, we can start ordering your materials and scheduling contractors

DaVinci Cabinetry Our Proces

Step 7:

Your remodel begins!

On average, it takes approximately 6-10 weeks to complete.