Kitchen cabinet – Excellence award.

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Recognized kitchen cabinet design and remodeler of the year

Guildmaster awards have been issued to recognized Kitchen design and remodeling companies within our community of quality who consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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New kitchen design or remodel existing one.

You might have just purchased a pre existing home and are now considering to do New Kitchen Design and remodeling. Update to new kitchen cabinets and new kitchen design or whole new kitchen cabinet layout. There are so many options to proceed with your new project and kitchen design. New cabinets and updated kitchen design gives your kitchen entirely new look to your specifications. Spend some time looking through magazines and on the internet. look for different designs to give you a better idea of some of the wonderful options available. Our recognized kitchen remodeling and designers team would be glad to help you in any aspect of your kitchen remodeling.

Remodeling an existing kitchen can be really exciting. DaVinci Cabinetry is located in Bonita Springs, Florida just south of Ft. Myers and north of Naples, Florida. DaVinci Cabinetry has been in business since 2006 and has won awards from Better Business for its excellence.

Here are some of the options you can look at to remodel your existing kitchen. The backsplash surrounding the kitchen sink area can be designed to just ‘pop out’ the scheme and add color to the room without going to extremes by taking apart existing walls.

Cabinet doors can be changed several different ways. The doors can be refaced, painted or replaced. Glass doors have a very unique and interesting look. The doors can be clear or frosted which give an entirely new look. There are several options for glass doors to consider. When you stop in the DaVinci Cabinetry Showroom you will be able to see for yourself new and exciting choices.


Lighting can make or break your new kitchen. My adding under cabinet lighting you will notice the difference immediately. The lighting under the cabinets should be efficient for working in the kitchen. At night lights makes the ambiance to the room appealing. Overhead lighting should be bright enough for cooking and eating but not too bright to have an uncomfortable feeling. Pedestal lighting is a rather unique for lighting over the countertop area where barstools are placed.

Floating Glass Countertop

Countertops include granite, quartz and butcher-block. There are numerous selections of these materials for your consideration.

Stop into Da Vinci Cabinetry Showroom. Receive complimentary consultation and browse the showroom to start remodeling for your existing kitchen and see the many available options.