kitchen islands

Kitchen Islands

When planning your kitchen renovation, kitchen islands are an essential way to makeover your kitchen and add value to your home. The kitchen island can be at the heart of all the action in the kitchen. An island is very functional and a great way to utilize your space by adding extra storage and counter space. It can be used for cooking, cleaning, and food-preparation. Kitchen islands can have many other functions as well. You can add appliances or a cooktop for more room to create meals. Bar stools or a sink for cleaning are also some practical additions. Sinks are perfect for food prep and bartending for parties; adding bar stools to the kitchen island makes it a fun way for everyone to congregate in the kitchen and socialize. In addition, consider customizing your kitchen island by adding drawers or cupboards for even more storage and function.

The placement of your kitchen island is critical; it should be big enough to serve its purpose but still leave enough space to easily allow for the flow of traffic. Also, the kitchen island should be placed near the most used areas of the kitchen, like the fridge or oven. Kitchen islands serve many purposes and are very functional, making it the best upgrade you can add to your kitchen by far.

Island Styles

For kitchen renovations, the current trends in kitchen islands are to use a different style of wood than the other kitchen cabinets. Other trends include similar and coordinating granite colors, and/or a different style of edging for the granite such as a beveled edge. This sets it apart from the rest of the kitchen and gives it a more sophisticated look. In addition adding a decorative, overhanging light will illuminate the kitchen island and add even more style to the focal point of the kitchen.

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