kitchen renovation ideas

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

The latest in kitchen renovation ideas are a combination of modern and traditional style. They combines warm finishes of traditional style with the clean look of modern design. These type of kitchen renovation ideas makes your kitchen feel open and simplistic. The focus is on less decoration and more on form and style. If you are looking for a simplistic kitchen renovation, perhaps consider less wall cabinets with more open space, and use ideas such as modern cabinet door styles and floating shelves.

Apron Front Sink

Another kitchen renovation idea to try out is the Apron Front Sink. These sinks are becoming increasingly popular for their unique look and functionality. Apron front sinks are functional and are perfect for washing big pots and pans with virtually no splashing. The design of apron front sinks look good in any style of kitchen, modern, traditional or elegant.

Quartz Countertops

Also consider quartz countertops in your kitchen renovation. Quartz countertops are very popular for kitchen renovations because they are both beautiful and resilient. Quartz requires little maintenance, as opposed to granite or marble. Quartz is resistant to stains and cracks, and is overall very tough and hardwearing. Quartz comes in many different attractive colors and is resilient and very low-maintenance.

Open Floor Plan

Before your kitchen renovation you should also consider making your space an open floor plan kitchen, which is adjoining your kitchen and living/dining room into one large space. We recently built a townhouse with Ben Trager, and having an open floor plan was on the top of my list for what I wanted. The open floor plan design is perfect for entertaining and spending time with family and is much better than having separate rooms and walls dividing your space.

New Innovation

New innovation in your kitchen renovation is another great idea. Kitchen design is constantly innovating and improving the latest technology. For 2014, there are many functional new ideas. Cabinetry of today should be modern as well as purposeful and innovative. The latest technology is soft-close drawers, which close silently and gently every time without any effort. Also, under-cabinet and drawer LED lights are a great technology to have in your kitchen and are both functional and save space while illuminating your kitchen.

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