Kitchen Renovation Planning Tips

Kitchen Renovation Planning Tips

It’s fun to imagine what your tired old kitchen cabinets might look like with the beautiful new cabinetry and appliances by looking in kitchen design magazines. However, truth is that a kitchen renovation can be a sobering experience for many homeowners.

  • Where to start?
  • What are your choices, and what will they cost?
  • Is your budget large enough?
  • Should you choose custom cabinetry or semi-custom?
  • What type of countertops and backsplash?
  • Can the kitchen be made larger?
  • Will an island fit?
  • Is there room for a pantry?
  • Materials, colors?

These are just a few questions that keep you tossing and turning in your bed. Visions of color samples and dollar signs keeping you restless.

At no other time have homeowners had the number of options that are available to them today. There is always more freedom for new ideas when you chose to renovate your entire kitchen.  You can have a whole new kitchen design with new up to date cabinetry soft and closing hardware; New cabinets placed in new configurations including a fabulous kitchen island.

New granite or man made quartz countertops. A better more efficient work triangle. Last but not least, new light sources in relation to the work areas of the kitchen. Often design professionals can show you how borrowing space from an adjoining closet, mud room, or even a porch, can create a larger kitchen. Sometimes, the addition of a pantry makes your kitchen far more functional and adds precious storage space. These are just a few of our kitchen renovation planning tips.

Just give your Kitchen a New Facelift – Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

If you are happy with your kitchen for the most part, but feel it’s looking worn and tired, you can do a lot to make it looks years younger with a simple kitchen cabinet refacing facelift. You may want to replace some of your appliances; if you have ever dreamed of a built-in cooktop and wall ovens, now is the time to do it. Sometimes you can give your kitchen a whole new look without a big renovation.

Mistakes to avoid

Don’t go it alone. In this market, you can find many kitchen cabinet places to call for free estimates. Visiting local showroom and sharing their ideas and experience can get you the most out of your kitchen.

You could go it alone, but a knowledgeable trained kitchen designer or kitchen contractor will help you avoid costly mistakes that you may have to live with for years. Never sacrifice beauty for function. Beauty is important, there’s no doubt about that, but your kitchen has to work. If it doesn’t, you won’t be happy with it in the long run.

For a kitchen to be functional it must have enough storage space and integrated cabinet accessories. This makes working in the kitchen easier. If you plan to age in your place, these are even more essential. You need a good work triangle and your kitchen should be designed according to the NKBA guidelines.

Don’t Forget to Stay True to your Home Style

Here are a couple more important kitchen renovation tips. Your kitchen needs to match the rest of your home in style. If you have a modern style home a classic or rustic style kitchen will look all wrong. It would be impossible to harmoniously insert a modern kitchen into an eighteenth century country farm house. However, you could add some modern or neutral style elements to this kitchen in the form of cabinet hardware perhaps or countertop accessories. Part of a great kitchen is infusing your personal tastes and personality into it but do that while keeping true to your home’s style.

Don’t Forget Kitchen Lighting

Many homeowners don’t give illumination in the kitchen the importance it deserves. You need to plan out the locations of your light sources in relation to the work areas of the kitchen. There is general or ‘’ambient’’ lighting. There is task lighting, such as lighting installed under your wall cabinets, over the island. Even sometimes accent lighting such as lighted glass cabinet doors to show off your dinnerware. It may not be the most enjoyable part of planning a kitchen, but a good lighting plan will make working in the kitchen safer and will help you get the most out of your new kitchen.