Kitchen Remodeling To Do List

Tips that help Achieve Successful Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling to do list – Do your homework.

The following tasks are the first objective on the Kitchen Remodeling. Collect kitchen pictures, notes, kitchen cabinetry style photos, articles with kitchen remodeling and projects that interest you. You can also place them online in a file that you can show us at our initial consultation. This helps us know what you have in mind, your taste in cabinetry, your style, your likes, and also your dislikes.


Before your first meeting with a kitchen cabinet professional, call a family meeting and ask everyone for their new kitchen wish list and their input for the remodeling project. A successful remodel is when everyone gets what they want most. Mom will get her stylish kitchen cabinets that will make her job much easier. Dad will get his cabinet with a wine rack or under counter ice maker. Junior will get his kitchen candy drawer! Every family is different, but ask them to make their wishes known.


Try to establish an investment amount—how much do you want to spend on your kitchen remodeling project. Be realistic. Be aware of what new appliances, new cabinets, and countertops will cost. Don’t overlook the fact that you’ll probably be eating out a lot during the kitchen remodeling process. You may want to work this into your kitchen renovation budget.


Make an appointment with your remodeling contractor. It’s also a good idea to have a list of questions you would like to ask your kitchen designer or remodeling contractor. Ask your contractor for referrals, licensing, and insurance certificates.

estero cabinetry


estero cabinetry


 There is a sample of our schedule on most mid size kitchen remodeling

Before we start work on your kitchen remodeling project, all remodeling decisions will be made and products approved by you.


Kitchen Cabinet Installation:

  1. We will schedule a kitchen remodeling start date based on our production schedule on the day you commit to us. A $1,500 retainer is due at this time to secure your project’s start date.
  2. Our goal is to work on your kitchen remodeling project every day.
  3. The time frame for most kitchen remodeling is between 4 to 6 weeks. The time frame for bathroom remodeling projects is 3 to 5 weeks.
  4. Communication is key to a successful kitchen or bathroom remodeling project therefore we make it easy to contact us at any time and you can expect a timely response. 

Our sample To Do List list to Prepare for the Kitchen Remodeling:

  • Choose a place to set up a makeshift kitchen with a microwave; generally a bathroom or laundry room works well since you will need a convenient source of water.
  • A refrigerator will be left in a convenient place out of the kitchen and away from the construction area for you to use.
  • Keep easily microwaveable meals in the freezer.
  • Keep some of your cups, glassware, flatware and dishes in a handy place to use during the construction process.
  • Using paper plates and utensils are always a good idea too.
    Keep your favorite pizza place’s phone number ready!

Da Vinci Cabinetry is a Kitchen Designer and remodeling specialists serving Lee and Collier counties. Our kitchen remodeling / renovation contractor team will help you transform your present kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. Whether you choose to remodel your entire kitchen or simply reface your existing kitchen cabinets, Da Vinci Cabinetry LLC can give you a custom-designed look, to fit any budget. We look forward to working with you.