Utilize Kitchen Space

When planning your kitchen renovation, definitely consider maximizing your kitchen storage and utilizing your space efficiently. The kitchen is the most used room in the house, and should therefore be organized and properly planned. Storage is vital in busy kitchens. Kitchen cabinets can easily become cluttered if the storage space in not planned correctly. Some simple ideas for utilizing your kitchen space to the best of your ability will make your kitchen easily accessible and add value to your home.

The first idea is metal rods that can be used as storage units for holding utensils, etc. They can be placed on the side of a cabinet or kitchen island and are easy to install with brackets. Also, instead of garbage disposal out in the open, install a drawer that pulls out and contains both trash and recycling in a concealed place. Pullout systems also work for drawers inside of cabinets, making it easy to reach big pots and pans. Kitchen islands can allow for more storage in the kitchen as well. Install vertical racks for cutting boards, and a rack against the wall could be used for drying dishes. A spice rack or drawer is also a great way to keep all spices and condiments organized and easy to find. In addition, corner cabinets are a great place for lazy Susans, as they efficiently store large bowls, pots and pans, etc. Also consider installing deeper and wider drawers in your kitchen to hold even more kitchen supplies. Drawers customized with fitted pegs are excellent for keeping in place its contents. And for the top chef in the family, consider putting your cooking tools on display in the kitchen; a magnetic strip on a wall is a great way to hold and display knives and have them easily accessible and you can even utilize the ceiling, and have hanging light fixtures or mount a hanging pot rack.