Modern and Sleek Stiega Kitchen


Modern kitchen featuring geometric accents, horizontal lines, bifold doors aluminum, natural elements, and sleek hardware.
The Stiegas’ wanted a kitchen space that was modern yet practical. A modern kitchen relies on the beauty of natural materials intermixed with stainless steel appliances, geometric forms, and lack of ornamentation. Check out below how we incorporated the modern kitchen style into this project!

Geometric Forms

Geometric forms and accents are present throughout the entire kitchen layout. From the shelving above the cabinets, to the L shaped counter, to the bar top.

Simple, Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines are one of the main features exhibited in a modern kitchen. It is apparent in this space that horizontal lines are present throughout. From the garage roll-up pantry space, to the refrigerator cover, to the backsplash and accent. These simple lines give the space an architectural feel.

Frameless, Full Overlay Cabinets

The frameless, full overlay cabinets with sleek hardware are a common feature in modern kitchens because of their sleek looking exterior. Full overlay cabinets are cabinets that show little or none of the door frames resulting in a seamless layout.

Natural Elements With Modern Appliances

Modern kitchens also implement natural elements with todays’ modern appliances. The wood details on the bar top as well as the shelving above the frosted glass cabinets contribute to the natural elements present in the Stiega kitchen and are complemented nicely by the modern appliances such as the stove top and the paneled refrigerator.

The Stiegas’ love their new kitchen space with these modern features! They get a lot of function out of their space while also being able to appreciate the form and natural beautiful accents.