Living in Florida, we unfortunately are all too familiar with hurricanes and the devastating damage they can do to homes and families. As hurricane Irma approaches, we decided to share some helpful tips on how to prepare the heart of your home, the kitchen, to face a storm. Don’t wait until it is too late-prepare your kitchen today. So that whether you are forced to react quickly to a power outage or are forced to evacuate, your home and kitchen will be prepared.

Tip #1: Keep your space neat and organized

The first, and in our eyes one of the most important tips for keeping your family safe during a hurricane, is to keep your space neat and organized. Before the storm starts to make landfall, wash all dishes and store them in drawers or cabinets, safely put away. That way, when the storm hits, nothing can potentially fly off the countertops or open shelving.

Tip #2: Throw away any food ready to expire

During even the weakest storms, the electricity can go out, making your refrigerator unusable. Store essential items in coolers and bags, making them easy to grab and go in case you and your family must leave. Have flashlights ready too!

Tip #3: Have plenty of water handy in your kitchen

A very important tip to remember is to have plenty of water stored away, away from any doors or windows, or anything that can shatter. FEMA suggests storing at least one gallon of water, per person, for each day. You should have enough for at least 1-2 weeks, according to FEMA.

Tip #4: Stock up on proper sanitary materials

With no electricity, comes heat and mugginess, forcing most people to open doors and windows once the storm is over to try to keep semi-cool. Make sure to stock up on anti-bacterial wipes and disposal cutlery so that your family can eat and drink, without any worries.

Tip #5: Buy dry ice to keep the refrigerator cool

Dry ice will help keep the refrigerator cold for a short period of time. Fully stocked freezers can be kept cold for up to two whole days. Bag the frozen foots, and place them in the freezer. That way, if the power goes out and the electricity shuts off, you can easily discard frozen food with no mess.

Tip #6: Be safe

Secure your windows: close them tightly and lock them. Ez Window Solutions has more on how you can prepare your windows for a hurricane. The most important tip of all that Da Vinci Cabinetry wants you to remember, is to keep you and your family safe.