Wood Countertops

Wood Countertops in Bonita Springs, By Da Vinci Cabinetry

Beautiful wood countertops, durable and functional are all words to describe our countertops. You’ve come a long way baby! That’s what we say about the wood countertops of today. Finished with penetrating and waterproof organic Tung Oil, your wood countertop is the perfect platform for your kitchen island or bathroom sink. It will be the detail that sets your room off as exceptional.

You’ll find that your wood countertop compares in price to other high-end surfaces but the impact is phenomenal. Your kitchen or bath will take on a warm, inviting feeling that can’t be matched with other hard surface countertops. See for yourself. Discover the warmth of wood.

wood countertops

Top Rated Wood Countertop Supplier

Da Vinci Cabinetry is a top Rated wood countertop designer-supplier. With our wood countertops we will bring your kitchen design to life. Da Vinci Cabinetry doesn’t stop there. Beside wood countertops we can supply and install eclectic Stainless Steel, or modern Glass lightened up countertops for your custom bar or bathroom areas.

All of our countertops are expertly hand-crafted in USA. With our product we promise to deliver enhanced elegance, warmth and style to any space. Whether you are prefer a wood kitchen countertop or spectacular island countertop, bathroom countertop or a bar countertop, Da Vinci Cabinetry LLC has the broadest selection of the highest quality countertops to meet your style!


floating glass countertop

Other surface – Wood Countertops VS Glass countertops.

If you prefer more contemporary style, a glass countertop might be just what you’re looking for.  Using glass as an accent piece in your home is a sure fire way to add beauty, class and innovation to your kitchen or Bar décor.

Design experts of today have brought about changes that can offer better-quality glass with an unlimited amount of designs and colors for your selection. They can even add light to your glass countertop with spectacular results!

If you’re thinking of glass as a fragile surface, you need to change your way of thinking. Today’s products can withstand the test of time with durability and functionality that you will be proud to display in your home.

The next time you’re looking to add “wow” to your room….consider visiting our showroom and check on available options for your project.