Countertop Surfaces We Offer

Our goal here at Da Vinci Cabinetry is to provide our customers the highest quality products from companies whose core values and reputation are aligned to our customers needs. Check out the brands we carry and do some research about them-we are sure you will connect with not only their product but with their brand well.

Silestone by Cosentino Da Vinci Cabinetry Bonita Springs

What is Silestone?

A combination of natural quartz and other raw materials that are extremely tough and resilient. Silestone is known for its expansive variety of surfaces and finishes. Their variety is what makes them so popular to our customers-because they have a surface and finish that will complement any design out there. They guarantee durability by backing up their product with a 25 year warranty, which is one of the best warranties out there!

Silestone by Cosentino Website

What is Dekton?

Dekton Ultracompact Surfaces was a 172 million dollar investment by Silestone. It integrates a completely new compacting technique. Dekton is labeled as the Ultraperformance material because of its incredible and vast amount of benefits which include zero water absorption, superior mechanical resistance, high UV resistance, ice and thawing resistance, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, as well as being fireproof and suitable or constant contact with water.

Dekton Ultra Compact Surface Website

Pompeii quartz by Da Vinci Cabinetry

What is Pompeii Quartz?

Pompeii Quartz is a natural surface material which is made from purely natural quartz. It is bound with resin and created with inorganic pigments. It has numerous advantages such as being easy to care for (since you just wipe with soap and water), extremely dense, highly resistant to heat and scratches, and extremely stain resistant. Pompeii quartz has a 15 year warranty.

Pompeii Quartz Surface Website

Wilsonart by Da Vinci Cabinetry

What is Wilsonart?

Wilsonart is a global manufacturer and distributor of laminates and other composite materials. They have one of the largest varieties of surfaces any of our brands have to offer which include high pressure laminate, specialty laminate, adhesives, quartz, solid surfaces, and coordinated surfaces.

Wilsonart Engineered Surface Website

Cambria by Da Vinci Cabinetry

What is Cambria?

Cambria quartz surfaces takes pride in being the only family owned and American made producer of natural quartz surfaces. Cambria surfaces are primarily used as kitchen countertops and have a striking resemblance to granite except that it is not porous and requires no periodic sealing. However, Cambria surfaces can also be used as floor tiles, vanities, fireplace surroundings, wet bars, showers, and more.

Cambria’s Surface Website

Caesarstone countertops Da Vinci Cabinetry

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone quartz surfaces offers four collections: the Supernatural collection, the Classico collection, the Motivo collection, and the Concetto collection. Caesarstone is one of the most eco-friendly brands we offer. They were the first company to receive an ISO 14001 certification which is a global standard specifically for environmental protection.

Caesarstone Surface Website