Quality Kitchen Cabinets Will be the Biggest Expense of your Renovation – Here’s Why its Worth Every Penny

A couple of days ago, we were sent out on a service call to one of our previous homeowners’ projects. It seemed that she just needed a simple hinge adjustment. However, we decided to write a blog about how little change there was to the kitchen even after 7 years of wear and tear and more than regular use.

Cabinet construction may end up being the biggest expense of your entire kitchen or bath renovation. The results are the obvious proof of your investment. Not only are the results evident in the visual design of the kitchen, looking sturdier, and higher quality, but throughout the years, you will see a mechanical difference as well. With large, fairly inexpensive kitchen cabinet retailers out there like Ikea and Home Depot, its easy to be swayed in a less expensive kitchen cabinet route, however, here are some reasons from a kitchen designer in London of how an investment into semi-custom or custom kitchen cabinets will prove to be worth your investment.

Custom design built to match your needs and measurement specifications

As you can see from the photo below, this kitchen was made possible with custom door designs. However, what is unclear from the picture, is the amount of custom measurement specifications that this kitchen took. This design and layout would not have been possible with simply stock kitchen cabinets. Why? Because every cabinet box is uniquely built for this kitchen. It is not a bunch of standard sized, stock cabinets thrown together. It is a kitchen that is uniquely built around the homeowner’s space and needs. The costs are distributed between the choice of material and style, labor, and more personalized design and customer service approach.

Custom cabinets might be more inexpensive than you think if you have a limited space of unusual layout.

In a small of unusual layout kitchen, stock and pre-fabricated cabinets may not be a feasible option because they come in standard sizes. That is why, a lot of your budget may be solely used up on labor. In these scenarios, home owners end up spending the same amount on stock cabinets (when you add in labor), than they would if they were to get a semi-custom kitchen.

In a large kitchen, there is often a lot of ceiling room. With pre fabricated or stock cabinets, there is limited options when it comes to cabinetry height. That is why semi-custom cabinets are recommended. Because with semi-custom options, there is always a designer able to help assist in recommending what is best for the space in order to maximize the kitchen’s potential.

Custom cabinets may be worth the extra investment in the long run if you plan to stay for a couple of years, have kids, or have a high-traffic kitchen, or as depicted in the photos below, want a personalized space.

Semi-custom cabinets offer higher quality materials in sturdier thicknesses that last longer. Semi-custom cabinets are offered in plywood and wood construction options in much thicker constructions. Thicker construction means you can hold more in your cabinets and drawers. This pull out, for example, has been holding more than the recommended weight and has lasted now more than 7 years.

This kitchen looks just as good as it did in the beginning, even after 7 years. All it required are a few minor hinge adjustments. That is why choosing semi-custom or custom kitchen cabinets is such a better investment than stock cabinets

Please give us a call if your kitchen simply needs a minor hinge adjustment – or an entire kitchen makeover.

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